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How to make sense of the Cyprus bailout and its crisis: An article and analysis aggregator

Latest Update: 19th September 2013

I have been far too quiet while the whole world shifted its attention to the Island of Cyprus. Although this was the change for this blog to shine, my direct and indirect involvement in what has happened in Cyprus since the 15th of March has kept me far too busy to post. This is mostly English articles with some Greek ones. Please paste in the comments section other good articles in English, Greek and even better in other languages.

Below is an attempt to provide articles and sources relating to the Cypriot situation, for people to use as they see fit. I do not intend to keep updating it. So if you find this post a long time after it was written, I suggest look for newer articles and sources.

All this work let to the paper which I wrote here: as it is a work in progress, please use the comment section to correct mistakes. 

Section 1: Documents

A special mention should go to from putting together a list of official documents, relating to the Cyprus bailout, many of  whom are given both in their draft and in their final form in order to allow you to compare. Bravo to whoever is behind that effort.

Troika Memorandum documents and Bail-out amount controversy

Bank Related Documents

Projections on the future of the Cyprus economy

Analysis on the situation of Cyprus:

Pre 15th of March 

Between 15th and 25th of March

Post 25th of March

Current Suggetions for the future of Cyprus

  • Common Call of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Cyprus Chamber of Industry of the necessary steps forward 
  • Karl Whelan at Forbes outlining the alternations to the  Bailout the Cyprus government now needs

Articles in the Economist on Cyprus

Cyprus and "CyExit" - Why quitting the Euro is a bad idea only for Cyprus

Multimedia on the Cyprus Crisis

On Cyprus and Wealth of Households controversy

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