Saturday, 11 August 2012

Rest in peace David Rakoff - Great orator and writer

I was moved this year by hearing David Rakoff talk how his battle with Cancer. He sounded frail, and the fire to live was burning through his voice. Funny, composed and always eloquent, I felt in the show "The Invisible Made Visible" it said a lot about pain, cancer and the will to live. His moving performance can be seen here:

He past away last night. Rest in peace, and thank you.
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Malta Property said...

Great post

Its really sad to know that he died 4 days before

The most humorous essayist I have ever heard off

may his soul rest in peace

Alexander Apostolides said...

If you like his style i would also recomend another "This American Life" essayist - David Sedaris. This is a link to show remembering David Rakoff's life in the same show...