Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Feelgood listening of the summer

I am hooked on two podcasts and two experimental bands that really use technology and instrument modifications.
1) WBEZ-This American Life
An amazing radio show free to listen to online and with a really cheap itunes app. It focuses on one issue and does deep deep reporting, but with a very touching and human angle. It has impact: it managed to change policy both in economic and social issues, and still has the best explanation of the US recession.
2) WNYC-Radiolab
An amazing show on science and themes in Science. Produced by Jad Abumrad who mixes it like music and takes great care to make it into a experience. More than a radio show and more like a preform. Listen with good speakers and be amazed of the craziness of science.
3) Juana Molina
Juana uses her own voice in a voice loop and makes layers and layers until it transcends into another place. I love how she uses her own voice to go into places... Something that At least Freddy Mercury was aware of this - he did all the vocals in Bohemian Rhapsody. Enjoy

4) Buke and Gase
Two preformers who use their instruments in such a weird way. All the sounds are only from two people holding a custom Guitar that has base string and amp as well as guitar strings and amp, and a buke which is a base ukelele. They make wonderfull frustrated music with guitar innovations and a restless feeling that is catchy.

Have a good summer everyone!

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