Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Great Sources Unused in Cypriot Historiography No.2: The Cyprus Agricultural Journal

Thanks to fellow twitterers I remembered that I was supposed to make a series of Great Unused sources of Cyprus History. After a very long delay, I decided to restart this series.

The Cyprus Agricultural Journal is one of the first periodicals published in Cyprus. Introduced by a very forward thinking person,an Athenian educated Cypriot who came back in the start of the 20th century to bring some improvement to the miserable life of the Cypriot farmer. It was continued and expanded by the British Colonial Administration and was the main source of Farming information for the island.

It contains amazing information on many fields. Firstly it contains an overview of the farming situation in Cyprus per quarter. It then talks about the issues that could help farmers such as how to help combat pests. Most interestingly for me it describes costs and processes of Cypriot farms: It is amazing what it refers to - from the processes of making halloumi to the amount of milk per type of sheep. It is pretty amazing.

The best part it is that is has been mostly digitised by the Ministry of Agriculture and you can request it for research purposes in pdf format. The picture shows the huge amount data you could collect - it was pivotal for my research on Cypriot GDP.

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George Michelis said...

This is good, that such data exists structured and organized, amazed as well for the level of detail that was stored and you used as example in your post.

George Michelis said...

This is good, that such data was stored and is available now structured and organized as well. Amazed for the level of detail used in the example of your post.