Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Another death of a brilliant young artist.

Ever since i was young i was shocked to hear that someone i admired has recently passed away. It was as if them being alive made a difference, even though i had no contact with them. I locked my self in my room for a day when i heard the Issac Asimov has passed away 3 months previously, and was sad to hear that James Brown passed away a few months after he played in London where i was studying.

The death of Lhasa de Sela has left me inconsolable. Such a brilliant singer, who at the age of 38, lost her fight with breast cancer in January. I haven't heard this at the time and it has really shook me up - it may sound naive but I know there is a part of me that thinks young, brilliant persons are indestructible. Events like this always bring up the issue i bury deep about my self - my mortality. Will i ever manage to achieve as much as i want before i pass away?

Her first album was the reason my (now) wife started talking to me, and i proposed while listening to this song. Who knows what she could achieve if she was with us for much longer. Rest in peace.

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