Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The horrors of nationalism

Gurgen Margaryan died a brutal death in 19th of Febuary 2004. While attending a NATO training class in Budapest, Gurgen was brutally murdered in his sleep by classmate by his Azerbaijani classmate. The post mortem indicated that the murderer did not stop until he severed his victim's head from his body.

The murderer claimed that the murder was justified due to the defeat of Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabach war in 1994, and that he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because of it. He was condemned to life imprisonment in Budapest in 2006.

The brutal murder is sadly the least disturbing aspect of this case. What is more disturbing is the reaction of the press in Azerbaijan. The murderer is celebrated in sections of the political elite of Azerbaijan. The Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe warned that he "does not advise Armenians to sleep safely until the Karabakh conflict is settled. The ombudsman of Azerbaijan stated that R. Safarov [the murderer] must become an example of patriotism for the Azerbaijani youth."

Sadly 2 years on the Azerbaijan elite are still doing this. The authorities are set to prosecute everybody who voted for Armenia in last years Eurovision. Such hatred seems surreal to us in Western Europe, but someone must put their foot down and tell Azerbaijan that this behaviour will not get them into Europe.


Alexander Apostolides said...

It has been brought to my attention that i am so attuned to avoiding loaded websites / orginisations for the Cyprus issue but i might just walked into a PR trap in this case.

Its the eurovision thing that was on the radio today that reminded me the other incident. And i am sure that there are quite scary right-wing Armenians that do not want the Azer refugees back in N-K.

Alexander Apostolides said...

And recently in 2012 this man was released to serve his sentence in Azerbaijan, only to be set free and be an acclaimed hero. Brutal and unjustified.