Friday, 20 March 2009

Etravisan tzie ton sxini kai to paloutzi!

After the ridiculous mess of the "Al Capone" affair the aquital of the police men beating up students was really the final straw.

Similar events have created riots in other countries - and it is no good pointing at the judges; in the end ultimate reponsibility lies with the elected representatives of the people.

Its is now or never - if President Christofias does not seize the chance to radically alter the way the police and justice system works then he will find it hard to convice people that he is any different from the politicians of an older, more compromised, generation.

President Christofias has avoided any real reform up until now, possibly keep parties more strongly represented in the police force happy. Although the above statement would seem ridiculous to a non-cypriot, anyone who knows about Georkatzis and his enduring influence over the police and the National Guard will understand that upseting the police and the judiciary will tearing further the President's relationship with Disy, Diko and other "central forces".

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