Wednesday, 10 September 2008

S-300 Tally: Greece 1, Turkey 3, Cyprus 0.

Article in "jane's Defence Weekly" (a respected military journal):
Turrkey plans to puchase S-300 for tests
Turkey is to buy three S-300 surface to air missle sustem variants for test purposes form Belarus and Ukraine. The systems are being puchased for testing mainly against F-16s at the Konya Training range, 250 km from Ankara... will be used in conjuction with Havelsan's Electronic Warfare Training Field.
A defence industry source said the missle Systems are inteded to "simulate threats that may come from countries having ex-soviet systems in their invetories" ... the systems would be used to help Turkey develop countermeasures to them.
By Lalae Sariibrahimoglou

Either the Turkish army things we brought them in Cyprus secretly or they want to attack rodes/ krete (were the S-300 are based) too. We are now officialy the only country not to have them after that debacle.... I cant beleive the excitment back then - we actually thought they would tip the strategic balance ...


Vassilis said...
According to the above S-300 are indeed installed in Cyprus

Alexander Apostolides said...

Interesting - I thinkk the article might have confused the order with an arrival. there was an article in the Greek press about teh missles "rotting away" in greece as the Greek army was using a different logistical interface.
The base where the missles were supposed to go was leased to the French for a while, so if they are in place they are in a different location.