Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Can you be Annoyed at a Song?

For those who know me well, know that i do not believe in the state of "The good old days", whatever they might have been. This is especially true in terms of economic growth in Cyprus and Malta: despite everything our quality of life has become better and better - we live longer and in we and our children are in better health than in the past; we have more education and more leisure in while increasing our environmental consciousness; and we have more material goods that before, living in established and prosperous democracies.

That why i was annoyed to hear Eustathia's new song "kapote". It encapsulated all the arguments of “The good old days" faction: they were no social problems before - the world was an easier, happier, less complicated world at a indefinite time of the past. The problem is the future and its fast paste: Eustathia longs for the world of siestas, VCR’s and Curt Cobain.

It is depressing to hear such sentiments form middle aged people who seem to forget how bad it really was while growing up: but this sentiment of “the good old days” is cropping up increasingly within out generation. Eustathia is wrong of course: if the 1980 is the good old time then you had no chance of survival if you were diagnosed with cancer, the world was threatened with nuclear war, and all cars belched more CO2 in the atmosphere than cars do today. There was the Chernobyl disaster and the computer revolution did not take place yet: as a result most people were working more hours and receiving less as they were not as productive as today. Oh and had a larger number of infant deaths and died 10 years younger!

If anyone should be lamenting “the good old days” is the AIDS ravaged parts of Africa, a disease that due to its nature wipes out both past and future economic and demographic gains. So lets focus of lifting the rest of the world to our current standard, rather than over-idealising the past that simply was not that great.

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