Tuesday, 25 March 2008

New Researchers of the World Unite: Demetris Pillas

Once again I am pleasantly surprised to know of Cypriot researchers involved in a diverse range of projects and issues; one would hope that some of these young academic talents will be able to research issues in Cyprus in the future, if adequate funding and research opportunities are created for them. This week I present Demetris Pillas.

Demetris is a doctoral student in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Imperial College London. Demetris is exploring the determinants of infant development and the impact of infant development over the lifecourse. He is examining this through looking at the development of a sample of 12,000 infants from northern Finland. Preliminary results indicate that infant development has its own (independent of social class) effect on various outcomes over the lifecourse (from socioeconomic to health outcomes). I think that a similar study in Cyprus would be very interesting, as it would shed some light on the development of cypriot infants (parenting practices, if cypriot infants develop at a faster/slower rate than the world average, risk factors for delayed development in cypriot infants, etc). Unfortunately no birth cohort currently exists in Cyprus, hence the absence of research on these issues in Cyprus. Demetris will be examining similar issues soon on an internship with the World Health Organisation. I wish him the very best in his studies.

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