Monday, 4 February 2008

Young Acedemics of the world: Unite!

I am privileged enough to live at an amazing place called goodenough college here in London:
It’s a post graduate college full of exciting and interesting PhD students studying in a huge array of topics and disciplines. So I know and I am known by a lot of PhD students.
I will try to present one person I know and admire per week: presenting this Week Maria G. Antoniou who is enviromental engineering PhD candidate at the University of Cincinnati, Specialising in water treatment - effectively using new technology to tackle problems of water pollution.
Maria with the Reaserch team has written the editorial on the new danger of cyanotoxins in water in the Journal of Enviromental engineering Volume 131 Issue 9. Lets hope Maria and the team will be able to concentrate on issues aftecting countries in the Medditerranean.


rebecca said...

we surely need environmental engineering in Cyprus, but do we have the infra-structure?

Maria said...

Cyanobacterial contamination of water resources is a global issue especially with the increasing eutrophication of water resources. Studies in the Mediterranean region showed that the duration of cyano-HABs in some Greek lakes lasts up to 8 months while algal blooms (which can lead to cyano-HABs) occur throughout the year because of the favorable weather conditions for their growth ( Cook, C. M.; Vardaka, E.; Lanaras, T. Toxic cyanobacteria in Greek freshwaters, 1987-2000: Occurrence, toxicity, and impacts in the Mediterranean region. Acta Hydrochim. Hydrobiol. 2004, 32, 107).

In Cyprus we first need to establish and enforce environmental laws and then the field of environmental engineering will blossom. The biggest problem in Cyprus is that we do not have water to treat (like in Australia), however we can focus on water reclamation processes, better water management, green infrastructures, create water conscience in the population (at least try to) and build desalinations units ahead of time based on the water demand (to avoid scenarios like what is going on is Cyprus currently).

Alexander Apostolides said...

Just so you know Maria Water was considered the biggest obstacle to a higher living standard in the development in the 1940 - 1960 - we solved it and then we stood still forgetting that population and thus water needs keep increasing