Friday, 1 February 2008

Welcome to my Blog

This Blog where I intend to share the trial and tribulations of academic research and provide you with a one-stop shop in my research in the economic history of Cyprus and Malta. I hope you will be patient as i have been out of the bloggoshepre for a while but I am hopping to also provide overviews of current issues and debates in relation to Cyprus and Malta, and the wider world especially.
Alexander Apostolides
PhD Student in Economic History,
London School of Economics


Aemillius - Eco-friendly Bag said...

Dear Alexander,
Nice to know you, please let me introduce myself. I'm Emilia from Indonesia. Regarding your research on Cyprus's economics, I'm wondering that Cyprus society have any interest with products from Indonesia particularly handicraft bag made on natural straw materials.
If yes, please take a look at Hopefully, our country could build mutual business relationship in future. Thanks so much for your attention.

Alexander Apostolides said...

Well i guess we do - but probably to sell claiming them as tourist stuff.