Thursday, 28 February 2008

New Young Researcher: Demetris Assos

As promised I will post here about new and exciting researchers dealing with Cyprus or Malta. Thee week I will present Demetris Assos. Demetris is a post graduate student at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, under the supervision of the renowned “end of empire” scholar Professor Robert Holland. Demetris is trying to fill a very important gap in the present analysis of the 1950s and 1960s by providing history from the point of view of Archbishop Makarios. Archbishop Makarios was an anti-colonial leader as well as a leader of the church; yet despite his pivotal role in the events that took place in Cyprus at that time no one has tried to analyse Makarios, motives and limitation of independent action. This is a very worth while effort as the Archbishop did not leave any personal archive or significant correspondence: thus Demetris is masterfully trying to gleam Makarios’ motives and possible options though the “mirror” of other people’s opinion about the Archbishop based around seminal events of the time.

If Demetris does not mind I will post a working paper here soon.

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chrystalleni said...

Pointing out that there is indeed interest in a preview of Demetris' work. Delighted by the new academics tag. Sending the link onwards.